Tactical Handgun

The Tactical Handgun Course is a dynamic and unique forty hour training program for law enforcement and specialized personnel with a need to advance their handgun skills beyond basic and intermediate levels.

This course will introduce the students to modern pistol craft skills and tactics that can be applied in life threatening situations, when there are no other options. The course will begin by reviewing fundamental handgun skills, it will advance to a higher level as students learn the full tactical potential of the handgun, with emphasis placed on intensive combat speed shooting drills, precision shooting, bullet placement and tactical scenarios.

  • Course Contents

    • Firearms safety orientation
    • Mental preparation
    • Legal and moral aspects of deadly force
    • Threat awareness
    • Malfunctions Exercises
    • Weapon retention
    • Barricade Shooting
    • Basic timed speed drills
    • Speed/Tactical Reloading Drills
    • Multiple target engagement
    • Shooting positions—Tactical
    • Low light shooting techniques
    • Weapon care and maintenance
    • Terminal ballistics and handgun stopping power
    • Cover and concealment in urban and rural settings
    • Shooting on the Move
    • Scenarios

  • Program Duration

    The duration of this program is four (4) days.

  • Price

    This course costs $985 with a $450 required deposit.

  • Special Requirements

    Gear Ammunition
    • Handgun
    • Holster & magazine pouch
    • Five (5) magazines or speed loaders
    • Ear and eye protection.
    • 1,200 rounds of factory new ammunition
    • No reloads.

  • Prerequisites

    This course is offered as open enrollment.

  • Registration

    Fill out the following application, and either email to info@blackmountain.training, or mail to 12223 Highland Avenue, #106-253 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.
    If you have any questions about the program please feel free to call us at 909-899-1554.

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