Several of our courses are specialized and sensitive in nature. We cannot accept registration from private individuals who are not connected to recognized law enforcement agencies, government, military or corporate organizations, without special permission. We have the capabilities of customizing courses to meet the needs of our clients. Black Mountain Training Center reserves the right to deny training to anyone for any reason.

Due to the sensitive nature of our training programs, BMTC can only accept enrollment for training of competent American citizens who can legally possess and or carry firearms.

We cannot accept enrollment from the following citizens:

1. Citizens with a criminal felony conviction(s) or record
2. Druguser
3. Persons suffering from mental illness or history of mental illness
4. Persons having a court order restraining order or under investigation for domestic violence or other violent crimes
5. Persons who are not America citizens – unless approved by BMTC staff

Participants must also be physically capable of walking and jogging short distances and able to perform the strenuous exercises that some of our tactical drills and scenarios demand.