Protective Services, Level I

Terrorists, professional criminals and criminal psychopaths constitute an ever present and serious threat to those high profile individuals whose positions place them in the spotlight. To respond to the increasing threats, BMTC has developed an intensive forty (40) hour program, based on real world experiences. This program is divided into two phases, to accommodate students time restraints, if necessary. The program is designed to train individuals in the theory, techniques and practices of the protective services. The program is both practical and realistic, and designed to allow students to progress from the basics to the planning stages and the execution of an Executive Protection Operation.

  • Course Contents

    • Safety & weapons handling
    • Physical and electronic security
    • Legal aspects of protective service – Weapons Laws
    • Role of the Protection Specialist
    • Safety and liability concerns
    • Protective Detail Operation
    • Initial assessment
    • Advance work
    • Firing techniques/Multi-targets
    • Working with the principal
    • Crowd control
    • Deploying from the vehicle
    • Close protection foot drills
    • CQB Techniques
    • Weapon/ammo selection
    • Building Clearing Techniques
    • Night—PS Movement
    • Personal Defense

  • Program Duration

    This is a 40 hour course, held over a five (5) day period.

  • Price

    This course costs $1200 with a $500 required deposit.

  • Special Requirements

    Gear Ammunition
    • Shotgun (12 gauge)
    • LE – Carbine or Sub-machine gun
    • Handgun (.38 caliber or larger)
    • Holster & magazine pouch
    • Five (5) magazines or speed loaders
    • Ear and eye protection.
    • Body armor
    • Old sports coat and casual clothes
    • 1,200 rounds of factory new ammunition
    • 75 rounds #4 shot
    • 25 rounds of .00 Buckshot
    • No reloads.

  • Prerequisites

    This course is offered as open enrollment.

  • Registration

    Fill out the following application, and either email to, or mail to 12223 Highland Avenue, #106-253 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.
    If you have any questions about the program please feel free to call us at 909-899-1554.

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