Standard BMTC Courses
Course Duration Course Price Deposit Required
Two Day Courses $585 $150
Three Day Courses $850 $350
Four Day Courses $985 $450
Five Day Courses $1200 $500

Note: Tuition includes a continental breakfast and lunch each day of training. Ammunition is not included in the tuition.
Special Tuition for the TSST Program (law enforcement only)
A special three-day budget package is available for law enforcement group training.
TSST day classes are scheduled on a Thursday through Saturday to accommodate with work schedules.
Total tuition must be payed in full prior to the beginning of class to be eligible for the group discount.

TSST cost per operator: $530.00 per person
TSST cost for minimum class size (10 operators): $5,100.00
TSST cost for maximum class size (15 operators): $7,650.00