Personal Threat Response

This course is designed specifically to train executives/CEO’s and selected staff members in the tactics, techniques, concepts and principals of executive protection and personal security measures. This program will stress all essential aspects of protective techniques for executives, celebrities and dignitaries.

Practical hands-on training combined with classroom lectures will provide you with critical knowledge and skills related to personal security measures, protective strategies and tactical skills. Skills you will need if firepower become a necessary option. We will also focus on appropriate threat response alternatives for surviving acts of criminal or terrorism attacks.

This course is an abbreviated training course of a Professional Protective Service Agent.

  • Course Contents

    • Unarmed combat techniques
    • Legal/moral Aspects of Deadly Force
    • Threat Assessment/Management
    • Weapons Training
    • Workplace Violence – Warning Signs
    • Foot Escort Techniques
    • Surveillance Detection
    • Explosive Recognition
    • Security at Home, Office & In Transit
    • Physical & Electronic Security
    • Defensive Tactics for Personal Protection
    • Hostage Survival
    • Basic building clearing techniques
    • Ten (10) Minute Medicine
    • Terrorist Methods & Motivation
    • Bomb Threat Procedures
    • Communication During a Crisis
    • Avoiding Crime & Terrorism
    • Protection technology (locks, alarms, etc…)

  • Program Duration

    This course consists of 40 hours of instruction taught over an intensive 4 day period.

  • Price

    This course costs $985 with a $450 required deposit.

  • Special Requirements

    Clothing should be suitable for outdoor range training.

  • Prerequisites

    An excellent course for executives/CEO’s, business owners, corporate security personnel or the average citizen with a “need to know”.

  • Registration

    Fill out the following application, and either email to, or mail to 12223 Highland Avenue, #106-253 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.
    If you have any questions about the program please feel free to call us at 909-899-1554.

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