Back Mountain Instructors are required to meet stringent standards set by our Advisory Council. We have the most highly qualified professional instructors around. BMTC instructors are veterans from major law enforcement agencies and military experience. The staff possesses a wide range of background in both specialized skills and training development. Their experiences are second to none.
The Black Mountain Training Center management team is headed by Mr. J. Fountain, the President and CEO of BMTC, and is complemented by an experienced staff and advisors.

Jim Fountain – President

Mr. James Fountain is a military veteran; he has served in the US Army and US Coast Guard. His experiences include Combat Airborne Operations, Military Police/Investigations and Protective Services Assignments, including Anti-Terrorist Watch. While in the Coast Guard, he was assigned to Special Boat Operations, Explosive Boarding, Firearms Instructor and Maritime Intelligence/Investigator investigating Maritime crimes. Mr. Fountain has over 4 years of college majoring in Administration of Justice at California State University at Los Angeles. He has worked International Protection Details, dealing with numerous foreign law enforcement agencies. Mr. Fountain was a member of the LAPD for over 28 years, spending the last 18 years as a police detective. He has investigated numerous homicide cases, armored car robberies and bank robberies, including the infamous 1997 North Hollywood Bank Robbery and Shoot Out, where he was a member of the investigative team. Mr. Fountain has testified in State and Federal Courts as a Firearms Expert in homicide cases and other felony cases concerning firearms related matters. He planned and executed numerous felony High Risk Warrants, resulting in arrests of nationwide fugitives, where he received numerous commendations for his work in Fugitive Recovery. As a member of one of LAPD’s elite Tactical Divisions, Mr. Fountain has been involved in Witness Protection, Unusual Occurrences, High Risk Protection Details, and Firearms & Tactics Instructor for the Counter Assault Team during the 1984 Olympics. Mr. Fountain holds Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certifications at the Advanced Level and is certified as a NRA/FBI Police Firearms Instructor, holding certificates in Defensive Shotgun, Pistol and Sniper Training. Mr. Fountain also holds an Advanced Pistol and Shotgun rating from America Pistol Institute.
Mr. Fountain is a member of the California Combat Police Pistol Association, National Tactical Officers Association and the International Homicide Association and former member of the LAPD Pistol Team. Along with his other credentials, Mr. Fountain is a recognized expert in the Executive Protection Field and has an extensive background in developing training programs designed for tactical operations by VIP Protection Teams. He serves as a consultant for several organizations, and is the President of Black Mountain Training Center.

Jim Harris - Director of Operations

During his military service with the US Army, Mr. Harris was small arms weapons instructor, teaching firearms techniques and low light combat assault. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1973, and retired from LAPD in 2007 with over 34 years of service. For 18 of his 34 years of service he was assigned to the Special Investigation Section (SIS) and has built an accomplished career as a firearms instructor with assignments including Tactical Firearms Instructor for POST Certified Courses, Instructor for Shotgun Training School, Handgun Training School, and Tactics for Officer Survival Awareness.
He has graduated from numerous special programs including FBI Range Master School, VIP Executive Protection School, and holds numerous honors and certificates at the Advanced Level. He has also taught Police Officers Standard Training (POST) Certified Courses for Undercover Surveillance Tactical Firearms. He is a member of the LAPD Pistol Team. He has the rating of Distinguished Expert within his Department.
Mr. Harris has received the Police Medal for Bravery within the line of duty. He also holds an Advanced Pistol rating from America Pistol Institute.

A. Ruiz - Range Master, Armorer and Special Instructor

As a member of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Ruiz handles responsibilities including firearms instruction, Advanced Officer Training, and Tactical Weapons Training. Mr. Ruiz is an expert in repair and testing of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. He holds Armorer certificates from Beretta, Colt, Glock, Remington, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer. Additionally, he has completed H & K Armorer course on pistol, auto rifle, and sub-machine gun, and Colt’s special certification on the AR-15. Mr. Ruiz is a court certified expert on Officer Involved Shootings, performing many investigative reports on firearms usage. As a member of the American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers, he has studied Domestic Terrorism and Tactical Threat Control for Executive Protection Specialists. Additional duties include specific remedial training for officer’s qualification in pistol shooting, and CCW qualification programs for Riverside Country applicants. He is an expert in Range Safety Programs, rifle, shotgun and handgun safety procedures.

Dr. D. Sanchez - JD Consultant, Retired LAPD Commander

An esteemed international attorney and College Professor specializing and lecturing in Professional Ethics, law and police administration, including the legal and moral aspects of deadly force and the Powers of Arrest.

W. Edwards - Instructor

Retired with 30 years of service from the Riverside Police Department. For 28 years Mr. Edwards was a Field Training Officer and assigned to SWAT as a member of the Long Rifle Team for 12 years. POST certified as a Firearms Instructor/Range Master, Patrol Rifle Instructor and Law Enforcement Sniper. Experienced in up to date training techniques, Mr. Edwards has trained numerous officers during his career
as a law enforcement officer and instructor.

Joe Pau - Bomb Squad Expert

Mr. Pau served 27 years with the LAPD and twenty two years as a certified bomb technician, retiring as assistant OIC of the squad. He has responded to hundreds of bomb calls in his unique career. Mr. Pau has been the guest lecturer and instructor on explosive related subjects in England, Canada, Bahrain and throughout the United States for Police Departments and the U.S. government. Mr. Pau has over 3,000 hours of specialized training in explosive recognition/handling, explosive entry, explosive detection, K-9 handling, research and development of bomb tools and render safe procedures. Mr. Pau is a student of terrorism and is well known to operators in the business.

P. Bakotich - Guest Instructor

Mr. Bakotich served 38 years with the LAPD and is an expert in Fugitive/Warrant procedures. Mr. Bakotich was a member of SWAT and for 20 years he was an instructor for LAPD Detective and Supervisor Schools, a certified shooting instructor for the department and helped train other agencies as well.

H. Blehr - Instructor, Rangemaster, Armorer

Retired from Pomona Police Department with 23 years of service, Mr. Blehr has experience as a tactical flight officer, bike patrol officer, firearms instructor/armorer and POST Certified Rangemaster. Mr. Blehr is a retired Marine and continues to serve as a reserve police officer for Pomona PD.

John Pride - Advisory Council

During his career at Los Angeles Police Department, John designed and implemented the 9mm pistol program for LAPD, seeing over 5,000 officers and their Instructors complete this major conversion from the revolver to semi automatic pistol. Beginning as a Police Firearms Instructor, John also spent time at the Armory where he received training in firearms repairs, conducted ballistic experiments on body armor, and assisted in the production of LAPD training films. He has completed over 2,000 cases pertaining to LAPD and Coroner evidence as a firearms expert in laboratory ballistics. Mr. Pride is a true champion in competitive shooting, where he has won National and International Championships and is a four time winner of the prestigious Bianchi Cup. He is a contributing writer for numerous magazines, and has authored many books and training videos. He was awarded the Shooter of the Decade honor by LAPRAAC in 1990, and currently consults with many law enforcement supply companies.

Jimmy Trahin - Consultant

Mr. Trahin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Science and Administration and a California Teaching Credential in the same field, graduating from CSULA in 1968. Having served Los Angeles Police Department from 1970 to 1991, his distinguished career covered assignments as Senior Training Officer in Firearms and Explosives, including forensic ballistics, and firearms analysis. He has testified in over 400 Courtrooms as a firearms expert, and completed over 5,000 examinations dealing with firearms evidence. He is considered an expert in all firearms cases related to criminal and civil litigation. His honors include the LAPD Police Star for Bravery, over fifty written commendations and awards from various law enforcement and professional groups, selected as Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in California in 1990 by the NRA/CRPA, and he is listed in Who’s Who in Law Enforcement.