BMTC Base Camp is located at approximately 3,000 feet in the High Desert area of California’s pristine Mojave Desert. The serenity and crisp air offer an excellent place to train. Black Mountain Training Center (BMTC) rests in a valley on approximately 200 acres about 30 miles west of Barstow, California. Our facility provides a unique and extensive array of training programs and resources, and has been designed specifically for 21st century special operators who are tasked to operate in high risk environments.

Included on the facility:
• Five small arm static and CQB ranges (pistol/5.56 carbine) out to 25 to 75 yards with a variety of targeting systems.
• One multi-room live fire shoot house (3800 sq. ft.)
• Two tactical ranges out to 100 + yards – with a variety of live fire tactical scenarios (dunga and scrambler exercises)
• Two dedicated tactical speed steel ranges with multi-targets for CQB speed and accuracy exercises
• One 1000 to 1200 yard precision rifle range, capable of tactical training operations.
• One classroom with a preparation area.
• One large enclosed area (40 X 60 Steel building) designated to personal unarmed defense training and tactics training.

Modern challenges require operators to obtain advanced and updated tactical and firearms training. Currently, static range facilities are not sufficient for modern advanced and updated training methods. The key to developing effective training programs that fully prepare operators to engage and handle increasing challenging threats is an adequate training facility. Many law enforcement personal, military and security operators who have previously trained at Black Mountain have successfully applied their learned skills in their assigned missions.