Defensive Handgun, Level I

This course is geared for civilians and security personnel who have completed BMTC’s Basic Handgun Course or have above average handgun skills. The Defensive Handgun Course is also an outstanding course for the law enforcement officers who wish to brush up or review fundamental handgun skills. Areas covered include mental preparation, safe gun handling, speed reloading, marksmanship and malfunction drills. This course prepares the students to mentally and physically defend themselves in a life-threatening situation.

  • Course Contents

    • Legal and moral aspects of deadly force
    • Weapon care and maintenance
    • Threat awareness
    • Weapon retention
    • Defensive shooting exercises
    • Cover and concealment
    • Barricade Shooting Positions
    • Target engagement
    • Defensive shooting positions
    • Home and street defense
    • Close Quarter Shooting
    • Weapon Safety/Handling
    • Mental Preparation
    • Reloading Drills
    • Terminal ballistics and handgun stopping power

  • Program Duration

    This is a four (4) day instructional course, taught by experienced law enforcement professionals. This four day course may be taken in two phases to accommodate scheduling needs of the students, when necessary.

  • Price

    This course costs $985 with a $450 required deposit.

  • Special Requirements

    Gear Ammunition
    • Handgun
    • Holster & magazine pouch
    • Five (5) magazines or speed loaders
    • Ear and eye protection.
    • 1,000 rounds of factory new ammunition
    • No reloads.

  • Prerequisites

    This course is offered as open enrollment, but requires operators to have completed BMTC’s Basic Handgun Course, or have above average handgun skills.

  • Registration

    Fill out the following application, and either email to, or mail to 12223 Highland Avenue, #106-253 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.
    If you have any questions about the program please feel free to call us at 909-899-1554.

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